Below are some of the comments from pastors and leaders that recommend Patrick 

“Patrick Hoban is one of our church’s favorite guest speakers.  His most recent visit was in November 2013 when we invited him to do a series of three services (Sunday morning, Sunday night and Monday night).  We were very pleased with the way in which he ministered and the way in which our people received from the Lord.  The spiritual momentum seemed to build with each successive service.  Patrick gave good solid messages from the Word, delivered in his usual appealing and compelling manner.  After the preaching, he invited people to come forward for prayer.  A few responded Sunday morning, more responded Sunday night and a large number came forward Monday night.  Patrick ministered to each with respect for the individual and with sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.  In the days following the services I heard many positive remarks about his ministry.  Admittedly, I was a little bit nervous inviting him to come because we have a lot of newer families in the church who are not familiar with and have never been exposed to Pentecostal type doctrine and practice.  These families were the ones who seemed most favorably moved and impressed by how Patrick ministered.  I think it demonstrates that Patrick ministers the gifts of the Holy Spirit in a true Biblical way–the way they are meant to be!”  — George P. Jones, Family Life Church, Waukegan, IL”

“…In ministry, he is a powerful communicator of the Word of God.  Patrick has always demonstrated a remarkable initiative, positive attitude, and a commitment to Worship, the Word, and the Work of the Holy Spirit.  Patrick excels in his ability to relate to people of different backgrounds and walks of life – preaching on numerous continents to many cultures…” — Rev. Thaddeus Searcy, Freedom Church, Chicago, IL

“….the gifts of the Spirit moved through him….One woman in particular was delivered and saved….He is a blessing to any congregation that would open its doors to him….” —Rev. Roger Welty, Living Hope Church, Monmouth, Illinois.  

“….Patrick is an Excellent preacher, with insight and wisdom which can only be gained from being in the presence of the Holy….he is often used of the Spirit in the manifestational gifts…” — Dr. J. M. Ashburn, Woodstock Assembly of God, Illinois.

“…..The anointing of God’s Spirit was upon him and his preaching is doctrinally sound and inspiring….We heartily recommend Patrick as a speaker that will touch the lives of the saved and the unsaved….” — Rev. Dennis Griffith, Teen Challenge, Southern California

“….Many of the young people were challenged by the power of God and I was blessed greatly by the opportunity to witness it.  He knew nothing about these people and yet God granted him wisdom and he spoke to their various situations.  I stood in awe of God as each thing that he said was absolutely true….” — Rev. Neil Lindwall, Pastor, Christian Life Fellowship, Illinois.