Watch Part Four of the Prelaunch Videos

What we believe and Church Government

A clear set of doctrines (what we believe) and how the church will be governed is paramount when starting a church. In this video Patrick outlines both for Red Rock Church.

Watch Part Three of the Prelaunch Videos

A Path to Leadership

Clear direction is necessary when people are looking to get involved in the local church. Here Patrick shares Red Rock’s plan to help people get involved and have a clear path to maturity & leadership.

Watch Part Two of the Prelaunch Videos

DNA and Values

Here Patrick Hoban shares his what the DNA and Values are for Red Rock Church. This is what Red Rock will look like.

Watch Part one of the Prelaunch Videos

Introduction and Vision

Here Patrick Hoban shares his vision for Red Rock Church and the supernatural events that have taken place to begin this work.

Watch the Video about the new church

Red Rock Church is a new church plant coming to Dakota County, Minnesota and plans to reach out to the surrounding area.  Currently Patrick is gathering a team of believers that are interested is starting an energetic church with a Spirit-filled emphasis.  

For a church to be planted it take a seed, and when it is planted in others it can grow.  Like with all new things, the new seed needs nurture and protection and that's where the Body of Christ comes in. Check out how you and your church can help.

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Become part of the launch team.  We are looking for energetic and passionate believers that want to do something fresh for God.  Just contact us and we will get in touch with you right away.  

We have launched a GoFundMe page. Any and all donations will be much appreciate. To God be the Glory!