Why have an Evangelist?  

Patrick Encourages Pastors and Leaders to invite the Evangelist and Prophetic Ministries to their local Church.  Find out why! 

As a leader in the church for many years, a member of a national board for a fellowship of Christian churches, and founder and former senior pastor of Church in the Word in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago-land, Patrick is keenly aware of the pressures and needs of leaders in the church today.

One of his goals is to help leaders tackle the enormous challenges that face them and come alongside them to achieve the vision that God has put in their hearts.

Many churches and leaders today have a heart to see greater impact in their congregations or great outreach and plant more churches, either themselves or through a mother church. The issue facing them is the “how” to go about it. With practical assessment and the tools to facilitate the task, his experience can help these leaders achieve this vision of planting churches.

Other leaders are facing transition in their churches and are struggling to grow. They realize their need to relinquish some of their duties to other leaders but find it difficult to put in place a strategy to achieve this goal. After raising up leaders and successfully transferring over the church he planted to new leadership, the methods he puts in place could greatly help senior leaders expand their effectiveness.

The following are some of the ways Patrick can help:

Church planting:

  • Give an analysis of the church planter (fit the job with the person)
  • Develop the vision and goals for the new church
  • Establish the culture/DNA of the church based on the calling of the leader
  • Develop an effective constitution
  • Develop a Biblical and effective form of church government
  • Establish a community presence for the new church
  • Build a cohesive team of leaders
  • Develop a strategy for outreach, discipleship and pastoral care
  • Develop a process to identify, train and release new leadership within the new body of believers

Current Leaders:

  • Provide Behavioral Analysis to identify and better utilize the leadership strengths
  • Access the current methods of discipleship and make suggestions to enhance their effectiveness
  • Discover the DNA of the particular leader/congregation/community relationship and bring harmony between them to better communicate the true goals of the leadership/church
  • Analyze any dangers to the leadership/congregation within the legal/ethical/spiritual code of the organization
  • Provide solutions to better manage personnel/membership and resources

If you wish to contact Patrick please use the contact link above.